MacroAlgal Herbarium Consortium

Herbarium Digitization Project Documents

   This site contains training documents, copies of project presentations and other resources for the Macroalgae Digitization Project.
   If you are looking for the project's data portal, click on the link below.
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Herbarium Digitization Project Proposal and Participants

   NSF Proposal - Project Description
   Project Participants
   Macroalgal Project Imaging Station Specifications
   Macroalgal Project Progress (24 February 2015)

Workflow Documents

   Barcoding and Preliminary Data Capture
   Getting Started with the Macroalgae Portal (Video)
   Uploading Skeletal Data Records to the Portal
   Template to use for Barcoding and Uploading Skeletal Data Records to the Portal.
      You can delete any columns that you are not going to capture during barcoding. Put the barcode in the "catalognumber" column.
   Label Transcription in the Macroalgae Portal (Video)
   Imaging Station Setup (Video)
   Uploading Images to the Portal

Training Videos

   Imaging Station Setup
   Imaging Demonstration
   Getting Started with the Macroalgae Portal
   Label Transcription in the Macroalgae Portal
   Video Portfolio

These are tutorials on imaging from the NYBG prepared for their other projects.

   Imaging Manual using Canon EOS 5D Mark III
   Imaging Editing in Adobe Lightroom
   Exposure Adjustaments using the Micro Nano Color Checker
   Micro Nano Color Checker with labelled gray values
   Data for the Micro Nano Color Checker

Here is a black ruler you can include in your images. It works best if you print it on heavy weight paper using and inkjet printer. Double-check the size after you print it. The Adobe InDesign version is included if you want to change it in any way (you'll need to ungroup it).


Project Presentation from Various Venues

   Bishop Museums Science on a Sphere Video
   Macroalgal Project Overview Presentation from iDigBio Summit
   Macroalgal Project Presentation from Pacific Digitization Workshop
   Macroalgal Project Overview Presentation from NEAS 2014 - Gottschalk et al.
   Macroalgal Project Overview Poster from NEAS 2014 - Traggis et al.
   Macroalgal Project Overview Presentation from CNH Meeting - J. Sullivan & C. Neefus Montreal June 2014
   SPNHC 2014 - The Role of Small Herbaria in Large Digitization Projects - C. D. Neefus
   SPNHC 2014 - Digitization Workflow for a Small Herbarium - C. D. Neefus
   Phycological Society of America 2015 - The Macroalgal Herbarium Digitization Project - C. D. Neefus
   For MEFB 525 - C. D. Neefus